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Where to start with your new FiveM server

💪 Oh yeah! 💪 You just bought your fancy new FiveM server at VibeGAMES. But where are you gonna start?

First things first. If you don't have a clue where to begin we really recomment you to try out a free FiveM server first (FiveM I package). We will not refund you if you don't understand how it works. Also our support most of the time can't help you with plugin/resource installation and/or configuration.

If you don't want to learn by yourself then please do not buy a FiveM server.

1. Login into your control panel

The first thing you probably want to do is to login into your control panel. We explain how to do this here.

2. Enter a FiveM license code

Before you can start your FiveM server you need to enter a license code. If you don't enter a license code, your server will crash after you start it.

There a 2 type of licenses
Free license - this license has a limit of 32 slots and no EUP/custom clothes support
Paid license - For more features like more then 32 slots, EUP and colorfull server names

- How to get and enter a free license code
- How to buy a paid FiveM license

3. Add a resource

A resource is a plugin. For example the resource esx_supermarket will let you buy stuff in the supermarket.
This is one of the hard parts of building you own FiveM server. Most resources have diffrent installation instruction and need other resources to work properly.

We have a basic tutorial for you about how to install a resource here.
If you can't understand this tutorial we highly recommend you to search for a developer that can help you.

Connect your server to a database

Alot of resources requires you to have a database connection for your server to save stuff.
First of all you need to create a database

Ok so you have created your database now have imported the SQL files that where included with the resources. It's time now to connect your server to the database. Read this tutorial about how to do this.

You know the basics right know. Good luck!

Updated on: 02/11/2020

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