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How to add a resource

In this example we are going to add the TakeHostage resource. You can download resources on the FiveM forum
ALWAYS check the documentation/instructions of the resource. It will tell you what to do and if there are other resources required to use this resource.


Download the files that are required

Download WinRAR
Download the TakeHostage resource

Move files

Extract and move the files to the right directory

Most downloads are compressed. You need to decompress them with a tool like winrar.
Decompress the resource you just downloaded to your desktop.

The folder should contain a fxmanifest.lua or __resource.lua file or the resource will not work
Open a FTP client like WinSCP and connect to your server. We explain how you do this here
Drag & Drop the TakeHostage folder on your desktop to the resources folder on the server.

Start the resource

It's important to let the server know that the new resource has te be started. Some resources requires another resource to work. For example. If resource2 needs resource1, you need to start Resource1 first! You can find this mostly in the documentation of the resource.

Open the server.cfg inside WinSCP
Add ensure TakeHostage under # These resources will start by default.

Open the server.cfg of your server.
Add the following in your server.cfg below the last ensure ....
Save the file.

Restart your server now!


Sometimes you may have to import a .SQL file. This file is usually in the folder of your resource and is often mentioned in the installation instructions of the resource in question.

Updated on: 31/10/2020

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