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How to create a custom connect domain for FiveM

In this tutorial we will explain how to get yourself a custom connect domain/ip like:

Create an account at Cloudflare

Click on Buy domains

Click on Register

Enter a name for the domain, we are going to claim tutorialvibegames2

Now click on Purchase at the domain of your liking, we are going to claim .win for this tutorial

Select the duration, and click on Continue

Now you will get a few fields you have to fill with personal information, once done go to the next step

At the last field you are able to pay with PayPal or creditcard, for PayPal click on the PayPal button

Then fill in your details again and click on Confirm

Once done, head over to the DNS settings of your domain

Now click on Add record and create an A record, the name should be play or something else and the IPv4 address should be the IP of your FiveM server without the port. Once done, click on Save

Now we will create another record, click on the Add record button. Now add a new record with the following settings:
Type: SRV
Service: _cfx
Protocol: UDP
TTL: Auto
Priority: 1
Weight: 1
Port: The port of your FiveM server, in my case 3000
Target: play. YOURDOMAIN.COM, in my case because we claimed and in step 11 we decided to go with play.
Once again click on Save

If done correctly, you should be able to connect to your FiveM server with your new domain! ( for this example)

Updated on: 03/12/2021

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