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How to buy a FiveM license

In this tutorial we will explain how to buy a license directly from FiveM. With a paid FiveM license additional features will be enabled such as EUP and onesync

What do you need?

- A creditcard or a Paypal accout with an linked creditcard or bank account

Create a keymaster account

Go to and create an account

You will receive an email now from FiveM with an activation link. Open this en click on activate.

Buy a Patreon Element Club Tier

Go to and choose the package you want. There are 3 license tiers. Click on the JOIN button.
FiveM Element Club Argentum - 64 slots
FiveM Element Club Aurum - 64 slots
FiveM Element Club Platinum - 128 slots

Create a Patreon account
Use the same email address you used to create your keymaster account on!!

Choose your country of residence

Choose your payment type (creditcard or paypal) and complete the payment

Create a license

Go to and log in.

Once logged in, press register.

At label enter the name of your server, at IP address the IP of your server and at Server type Other and typ Home hosted. Then press Generate.

Click on the ID of your key

Copy the key

Login on your game panel
In the server overview, click on the name of your server

Click on Startup

Enter your license code (key) in the FIVEM LICENSE box. Then save it.

restart your FiveM server.

It can take up to 6 hours before your keymaster account has been upgraded. Untill then you can't use onesync or EUP yet.

Updated on: 26/11/2020

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