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What is resource caching and how to use it?


You probably saw something called "resource caching" in your dashboard. Resource caching is a new feature at VibeGAMES and in this tutorial we will explain you how it works!

What is resource caching?

Resource caching will cache resources on a separate server instead of on your game server. So players will download most data from the cache server which will improve ping, performance and will reduce bandwidth.

Are there down sides?

There is 1 down side if you use resource caching. If you update a resource when your server is running your players can get a Readbulk: error when they try to join.
To fix this you need to clear the resource cache using the Clear cache button or restart the server.

How can I enable resource caching?

At this moment you can't by yourself. VibeGAMES staff will enable resource caching for servers with high player counts. You can always ask support to enable it via a support ticket.

Updated on: 14/12/2020

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