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How to move your txAdmin recipe files

Installed a txAdmin recipe/template? Then all your resources, and server.cfg are in the txData folder, in this tutorial we will explain how to move them over to the root/main folder.

Login on your game panel

In the server overview, click on the name of your server

Head over to the Files section

Delete the resources folder WARNING: Make sure you dont want your normal resources anymore, before deleting the folder.

Head over to the txData folder, and open a folder such as QBCoreFramework... or something with ESX, etc. (depends on what recipe you installed)
Once you open this folder, you will see the resources, and server.cfg file.

Now, select the resources folder with the little checkbox at the left of it, and click on Move

Enter: ../../ in front of the resources text, like this:
As you can see now, the New location says home/container/resources, that's correct.

Click on the Move button, your resources have now been moved to the correct location.

Then open the server.cfg, in the same folder.

Now copy every line, from top till bottom BUT NOT: the endpoint_add_tcp and endpoint_add_udp

Head back over to your server.cfg in your root/main folder, and paste the content of the server.cfg in there.
Make sure you keep the old endpoint_add_tcp and endpoint_add_udp who already are in your server.cfg there.

Now start your server and enjoy your txAdmin recipe!

Updated on: 26/06/2022

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