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How to Change the Difficulty of Your Palworld Server

How to Change the Difficulty of Your Palworld Server

While local hosted Palworld worlds offer explicit difficulty settings, dedicated servers operate differently. Dedicated server owners have access to a variety of configuration options that indirectly affect game difficulty. By customizing these settings, you can tailor your server's difficulty to your preference.

Configuring the Server Difficulty

Directly changing the game's difficulty through a single setting isn't an option for PalWorld servers. Instead, you can adjust several different aspects to increase or decrease the challenge.

Refer to our detailed Palworld configuration guide for a complete breakdown of all the configuration options available within your Palworld Server Settings.

Steps to Configure Your Server's Difficulty:

Before proceeding with any modifications to your server's configuration, we strongly recommend creating a backup of your server's files.

Stop your Server: Before making any adjustments, access your server's control panel and stop your server to prevent any data loss.

Navigate to your Server's Files: Find the files section within your server's control panel.

Open and Copy the Server Configuration File: Open your DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini file, and copy all the content.

Use a Configuration Tool: Modifying your server's configuration file directly can be complex and confusing if you're not familiar with the settings. We recommend using a tool like Palworld Configuration Tool for an easier experience.

Load and Adjust Settings: In the Palworld Configuration Tool, load your copied configuration by clicking on the paste button.

Copy Updated Configuration: Once you've made your adjustments, the tool will generate an updated configuration. Copy this new configuration text.

Replace Configuration File: Navigate back to your server's files and open the DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini file again. Replace the old configuration with the new one you've copied.

Save the File: Ensure you save the changes to your DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini file.

Restart your Server: Finally, after saving the updated configuration file, restart your server to apply the new settings, and you're ready to go.

For more assistance and detailed guides on managing your Palworld Server, feel free to explore our Knowledgebase articles. Customizing your server's difficulty can greatly enhance the gaming experience for you and your players. Start customizing today to find the perfect balance for your Palworld adventure.

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Updated on: 10/02/2024

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