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Hotfix Guide: Minimizing Memory Leak in Palworld Servers

How to Implement the Hotfix to Reduce Memory Leak in Palworld

Experiencing excessive memory usage on your Palworld server? A notable memory leak issue has been affecting performance, but there's a hotfix available that can significantly mitigate these problems. By adjusting a specific setting, you can reduce RAM usage and stabilize your server. Here's how to apply the hotfix by disabling the bEnableInvaderEnemy setting.

Understanding the Hotfix

The bEnableInvaderEnemy setting, when enabled, appears to contribute to excessive RAM consumption, leading to instability and performance degradation on Palworld servers. Our testing has shown that disabling this setting can cut RAM usage by more than half, allowing servers to operate smoothly for extended periods.

Interestingly, turning off this setting doesn't prevent invaders from attacking your base, which suggests that the setting doesn't function as expected, or its impact on the game's mechanics is minimal.

How to Update the Setting

To apply this hotfix, you'll need to update a configuration file on your server. Follow these steps:

Stop Your Server: First, ensure that your server is not running. Access your server's control panel and stop the server to prevent any potential data loss during the modification process.

Navigate to Startup Settings: Within your server's control panel, navigate to the "Startup" section where you manage server settings

Adjust the Startup Settings: Look for a setting labeled bEnableInvaderEnemy. This setting controls whether invaders can attack your base. Set bEnableInvaderEnemy to False to disable this feature. This adjustment does not require manual editing of the PalWorldSettings.ini file but is done directly within the server's control panel interface for ease and convenience.

Restart Your Server: With the setting adjusted, restart your server. This change should take effect immediately, and you should notice a significant reduction in RAM usage.

Expected Results

After you set bEnableInvaderEnemy to False, your server should not use as much memory. This means it will run better and not crash as much. It's a good idea to keep an eye on your server to make sure this change helps.

Also, restarting your server now and then can make things even better. This cleans up any mess left behind and makes sure your server is using memory correctly.
Check out our guide on how to set up automatic restarts for your server. This can make your life easier by not having to restart the server by hand all the time.

Using the hotfix and setting up restarts are both great ways to keep your server running well.


Turning off bEnableInvaderEnemy helps a lot with server performance, even though we're not sure why it doesn't stop invader attacks. The main thing is that your server will work much better after making this change. By doing this and setting up automatic restarts, you'll give everyone playing on your server a smoother experience.

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Updated on: 03/02/2024

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