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How to Become an Admin on Your Palworld Server

Managing your own Palworld server lets you tailor the game exactly how you want, for you and your friends. A key part of this is choosing admins. Admins can do a lot to help keep the game fun and fair, like using special commands for fixing problems or managing players. This quick guide shows you how to set a password for admin access and how to use it to log in as an admin on your Palworld server.

Configuring an Admin Password

To ensure your server's security and integrity, it's crucial to set up an admin password. This password will be your key to accessing admin privileges on your server. Follow the steps below to configure your admin password:

Stop Your Server: Access your server's control panel and ensure your server is stopped before making any changes to prevent data loss.

Navigate to Startup Settings: Look for the startup settings or configuration section within your control panel.

Set Admin Password: Find the Admin Password option and enter a secure password. This password should be complex to avoid unauthorized access but memorable for authorized users.

Restart Your Server: After setting your desired admin password, restart your server to apply the changes.

Logging in as an Admin

Once you have your admin password configured, you'll need to log in to activate your admin privileges. Here's how to log in as an admin on your Palworld server:

Connect to Your Server: Start Palworld and connect to your server as you normally would.

Open the Chat: Press Enter to open the chat window once you're in the game.

Enter Admin Command: Type the command /AdminPassword <YourPassword>, replacing <YourPassword> with the admin password you set earlier.

Note: You'll have to run this command each time you join the server.

By following these steps, you will have full admin access to your Palworld server, allowing you to manage your server more effectively.

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This guide is here to help server owners improve their Palworld server experience while managing admin tasks effectively and securely. Keep in mind that having admin powers comes with the responsibility of ensuring a fair and enjoyable environment for all players.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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