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Enabling/Disabling PvP in a Minecraft Server

Enabling/Disabling PvP in a Minecraft Server on VibeGAMES Game Panel

Learn to adjust the PvP settings of your Minecraft server hosted on VibeGAMES Game Panel.

1. File Management:
- When you are on your server's console page click on the Files tab in the top menu .

2. Modify
- Open
- Find pvp=.
- Set to pvp=true for enabling PvP or pvp=false for disabling.

3. Save Changes:
- Use the save option.

4. Restart the Server:
- Go back to the dashboard and restart your server.

5. Confirmation:
- Join your server to check PvP settings.

Pro Tip:
Always back up config files before editing. This ensures you can revert changes if needed.

Updated on: 22/08/2023

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