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How to manage your files via FTP using Filezilla

Managing your files via FTP is the fastest way to make many major changes such as uploading a new resource.

You need an FTP client to use FTP. We recommend using Filezilla. Filezilla can be downloaded here.

In the control panel, click on Settings

You will now see your SFTP settings. You gonna need those from step 5.

In the Host field enter the SERVER ADDRESS that is listed in the control panel (step 4)
In the Username field enter the USERNAME that is listed in the control panel
In the Password field enter the password of your game panel account
Click on the Quickconnect button

If you have not made any mistakes you will now see all your files and folders on the right. With the right mouse button you can edit the file or folder. You can easily upload files by dragging them to the correct folder.

Updated on: 05/07/2022

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